1. What is outlet clothing?

Branded clothing wholesaler - products of well-known global brands that have not been sold in their traditional sales network, have been returned, are produced in excess quantities or constitute the so-called samples (fully complete, trial, pre-production patterns). After the season they are resold to wholesalers at a much lower price to make room for current collections.

2. What is the difference between 1st grade and 2nd grade?

a) 1st grade - collection ends and samples (pre-production patterns).
They are new, unused products
(up to 3% of items may have defects). Some manufacturers, due to their policy, cut out all labels (both paper and internal), so new clothes may also be deprived of them.
Also 1st grade items can be clipped.
b) 2nd grade - customer returns.
They can be characterized by minor traces of use (dirt), defects (jammed zipper, no button, tear, often including a tear at the seam, so relatively easy to fix) or the lack of paper tags. Often, it is just a piece of clothing that has been tried on once, so it does not have any defects.

3. Why, unlike other wholesalers operating on the market, you cannot choose individual items?

We have adopted a different model of operation in which we treat each client equally. Therefore, we do not have a rule that after the delivery, first come, first served, and the customer coming later, has a choice of inferior, disguised goods. We sell clothes in pre-prepared packages, prepared according to the packing list, so that each package contains goods of comparable value.

4. What is a packing list?

Percentage of each type of clothing (jackets, coats, jackets, dresses, trousers, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, accessories, etc.) that is in a given stock. Individual packages are prepared in proportion to what generally arrived at the time of delivery.

5. How is the sorting done?

The goods that come to us are divided into categories (jackets, coats, jackets, dresses, pants, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, accessories, etc.). Then each category is counted. Based on this, a packing list is prepared and packages are sorted (usually 50 or 100 items).

6. Can I order a full-size product from you (the same model in all possible sizes)?

As a rule, outlet clothes do not have a size chart. Store returns and collection tips are a mix of different models and sizes (you cannot choose individual items, only packages). Samples are usually produced in one of the most popular sizes (women's M, men's L).

7. Are the brands on the website your entire range?

We are also able to bring individual clothing stocks (including various brands), which we normally do not have in stock. In order to determine whether we are able to import the product you are interested in, please contact us directly (by phone, e-mail).

8. How can I place an order with you?

We operate both stationary and as an online clothing wholesaler, so goods can be ordered via the website, by e-mail, by phone, or purchased directly in the warehouse.

9. When can you come to your place?

Generally we work from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. It is also possible to meet at other times. Each time (regardless of whether you are planning a visit during our standard working hours or on a different date), however, please inform us in advance about your arrival, because we want us to have enough time to prepare for it.

10. What is the minimum quantity of goods that can be ordered from you?

We usually accept orders of at least 50 pieces or 20 kg (depending on whether the stock is sold by pieces or by kilograms.)

11. What is the maximum quantity of goods that can be ordered from you?

We can arrange shipment from package, through pallets to the whole truck.

12. What is the order processing time?

We send the goods by courier in Poland within 24 hours. To other European Union countries, within 7 days. We work with many shipping companies, so logistics can be tailored to your requirements.

13. Do you ship the goods via cash on delivery?

We only send COD shipments within Poland and only up to the order value of PLN 10,000.

14. Will the goods ordered by me be identical to the photos posted on the website?

The photos posted by us on the website are for reference only. We always try to ensure that the photos presented on the website contain the most current goods sold by us. However, due to the variety of models (some manufacturers offer several thousand models in a given collection), we are not able to photograph every thing. We encourage you to watch the goods live. Our customers often tell us that clothes in direct contact look much more attractive than in the pictures.

15. Is it possible to return the purchased goods?

Due to the nature of our business and the realities on the wholesale clothing market, we do not make any returns (except for sale to consumers, read. Regulations). However, we decided that, as it is done in retail trade, we should enable our customers placing an order through an online clothing warehouse (website), by e-mail or by phone to exchange the product for another one in our offer. The goods can be exchanged within 10 business days of receiving the shipment.

16. How to exchange goods?

First, you need to notify us of your willingness to replace the goods. After receiving feedback from us confirming the possibility of exchange, please send the complete goods intact at your own expense to the address of our company. If any deficiencies or damage are found in the returned goods, the goods will be sent back to the customer at their expense, and the exchange will no longer be possible. We do not collect cash on delivery. Orders larger than 1 pallet are not exchangeable.